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Register to get 50 USD free.
  • If they benefit from the campaign without making a deposit, there will be a day requirement or a volumetric transaction requirement for withdrawal.
  • 1/200 maximum leverage.
  • Withdrawals can be made up to a maximum of 500 USD
  • If you invest, 50 USD will be in your account WITHOUT ANY CONDITION.
  • The rule of 50 usd investment campaign in your trading account without any funding will be 2 lots requirement.
  • We wish all our investors good luck in advance, please review our rules.
  • Trader can create 4 different trading accounts from a single account.
  • Investors can change their leverage themselves.
  • Stop out level is 30% in each package.
  • Scalping time is 3 minutes
  • Overnight transaction handling fee (swap) is included in every package for exotic products.
  • Spreads are dynamic fixed spread is only available in VIP PLUS package option.
  • Your account will be blacklisted if arbitrage is detected.
  • The leverage ratios in crypto products are 1/5, which can bind high collateral.
  • In high bonus and exchange rate campaigns, there is a lot turnover requirement. According to the bonus or credit received, the lot requirement is given to a percentage of the balance.
  • In margin-supported bonuses, when the asset falls below the credit, the account transactions are stopped..
  • In online conditional bonuses, it can be used until the bonus expires
  • The bonuses given are reduced when the money is withdrawn, and it is given again at a certain rate when the money is re-invested.
  • CFD Products (COMMODITIES, SHARES, INDEX) are not included in the LOT CYCLE CONDITION. Lot conversion conditions are translated in forex (foreign exchange) instruments.
  • Each campaign may have different conditions, please get information from your consultant before taking advantage of the campaign.

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